It is a Complex Tourist Accommodation (C.T.A.), which will be built on an area of ​​172,568, 59 sq.m., in the location of Vroskopos on the island of Kea.

The island of Kea

The island of Kea has been inhabited since prehistoric times and has its own distinct culture. Although it is part of Cyclades, due to the mountainous and strongly rocky morphology of its territory, combined with the particular rural, urban and commercial history, has formed a rich architectural identity of its own.

The new complex is located in a landscape with strong relief and dense native vegetation in the southwest of the island. From the highest points in the northwest to the small valley further south the site will offer residents and visitors a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea and the sunset over neighboring islands.

With the variety and its rich changes, the landscape offers the possibility to feel the beauty and sanctity of nature in different times of the day and seasons of the year.

The design of hotels and residences is guided by respect for this ancient landscape. It tries to combine the potential of modern luxury construction with the beauty and authenticity of the local one.

The aesthetic simplicity and attention to detail, the special local materials and techniques combined with respect to the landscape and the precious environment of Kea, lies at the core of the proposal for the residential development of Hills & Sea Resort Kea.



The 2 hotels constitute a tourist unit which, according to the charter and regulation on C.T.A.s, will undertake the management of the entire complex, as well as the maintenance, management and operational support of all the residences. The total area of ​​the 2 hotels is 10,500 sq.m. and of the residences 9,750 sq.m.

The project is in the licensing stage. The preliminary works have been completed (fencing, initial opening of the internal road network, drilling, construction site organization) and the main project is scheduled to start forthcoming October. According to the contract already signed with the concessionaire company, the project is expected to be delivered in 2025.

In this phase, the design of the hotels is subject to changes and interventions in the architectural study, in the planning of additional activities and even in the sizes.

For the 2 hotels, the project foresees a total of 170 beds, in suites with their own swimming pool. Regarding the aforementioned possibility of changes and interventions, it should be mentioned that the capacity of hotel beds can be increased up to 300 beds, with the addition of a third hotel (Hills and Sea Kea Hotel 3).

Hills and Sea Kea Hotel 2 is in the design phase, but it will be similar to Hills and Sea Kea Hotel 1, which is shown below.

Within the complex, a subterranean conference center with a multi-purpose room with a capacity of 350 people is planned and designed. The organization of conferences is in the objectives of the complex, given the proximity and easy access to and from the airport. Also, the available beds, during the conference period, can reach up to 500, if available beds in the residences are also included.

Hills and Sea Kea Hotel 1

Study supervision Andreas Kyranis-DZ

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